Like Santa I have been making my gift list and checking it twice, and it is amazing how my gift-giving list looks a lot like the gifts I would like to receive. If you are a long time gardening enthusiast or have a friend that has just taken an interest in the activity, consider my wish list of great gardening gifts.

A set of basic garden tools is a wonderful gift for the beginning gardener. The package should include two kinds of rakes, a broom rake for gathering leaves and a garden rake for cultivating the soil. A sturdy shovel and a hand trowel will cover most digging projects, and a pair of hand pruners and a lopping shear will cover most pruning projects.

For the beginning gardener, I also highly recommend purchasing a good general gardening “how to” book. Many are available. This book should cover the fundamentals of gardening with great illustrations and diagrams.

I also recommend as a great Christmas gift the new expanded second edition of Wyman’s Gardening Encyclopedia. If the author can’t answer your questions, I don’t think anyone can. One of the foremost experts on gardening in the country, Dr. Wyman has been the authority in the field for the forty or so years that I have been in business. The book provides excellent updated information on gardening, as well as on fungicides and herbicides.

For the serious and not so serious gardener, I also recommend a number o beautiful, what I call coffee table books. The photographs in these volumes are breathtaking. These books will romance you to fall in love with Mother Nature. Besides pretty pictures, the texts provide excellent in-depth information on a variety of subjects. Consider The Garden Design Book by Anthony Paul and Yvonne Rees; Social Gardens: Outdoor Spaces for Living and Entertaining by Charlotte M. Frieze; and Home Landscaping by Elizabeth Murray and Derek Fell to grace the interior of the home and generate ideas for beautifying the outside.

Other fun gardening gifts would include whimsical bird houses, bird feeders or wind chimes. And for a unique gift consider brass garden faucets which come in a variety of animal and plant shapes. Even the serious gardener likes a lighthearted touch.

Some serious gardeners are hard to buy for. It seems they already have everything. A pair of well made, leather garden gloves or a practical, heavy duty garden apron are always welcome replacements for already worn garments. And to cut back on the body’s wear and tear while gardening consider thick, rubber knee pads or a garden kneeler stool. Gift certificates for trees or other plants for the newer home owners are always appreciatted.

These are just a few gifts I have put on my Christmas wish list or recommend. For more ideas and suggestions, visit your local garden center or nursery. Have fun shopping and have a Happy Holiday!

Article by Fred Hower, “The Ohio Nurseryman.”
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